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How to choose the right Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

Recently there has been some negative publicity about Registered Training Organisations in the Press regarding their poor handling of VET FEE-HELP Government Funding. This has resulted in some colleges losing their registration and being closed, leaving students out of pocket and without a qualification.

Because of this many people doubt the reputation of all training organisations. However, there are ways you can research colleges and confidently enrol in training to reach your goals. Choosing a training provider is a big decision, it is important to find the right fit for you. 

 In this article, we look at:

  • Tools you can use to make sure the RTO is registered correctly.
  • Questions you need to ask when researching a course/training provider.
  • How to ensure you're enrolling with a reputable college.

Be informed

All Registered Training Organisations in Australia who offer accredited training must be registered with ASQA (The Australia Skills and Qualification Authority).  ASQA regulates the Vocational Education sector monitoring the performance of all RTOs to ensure quality training and employability skills.  If you have any doubts, you can call ASQA and check the status of the college you are considering.

Before enrolling in a course, you can also look up any RTO on  From here you can check:

  • The courses the RTO is permitted to offer.
  • In which locations/states the RTO is permitted to offer courses.

All RTO's who are currently registered and legally permitted to deliver training will be listed here.  Those who have been de-registered will also be listed.

Government Funding

Smart and Skilled

Smart and Skilled funding is available to people living and/or working in NSW.  There is a student fee which you will need to pay the college and the Government pays the remainder of the training fee.  You do not need to repay the Government Subsidy.  There are terms and conditions to this funding, details can be found at


VET FEE-HELP funding is a Federal Government initiative which is available throughout Australia.  This is a loan and will need to be paid back to the Government once you are employed and earning above a certain threshold.  The repayment threshold for 2016-2017 is $54,869. For further information go to

Questions to ask

When researching a training organisation, it's important to get in touch and ask them the following questions to ensure you have a full understanding of the course into which you are enrolling:

  • What is your RTO Number?  

Every Registered Training Organisation has a Registration Number and Legal Org ID.

  • Are the qualifications you offer nationally recognised? 

Some courses are non-accredited, which is fine if you are just looking for knowledge however, if you want a qualification to lead to employment or for further study, an accredited course is a better option.  All accredited training in Australia is nationally recognised.

  • Are the courses you are offering current or have they been superseded? 

Qualifications are updated on a regular basis to keep abreast of current industry trends and developments.  It is always best to study the most current qualification.

  • Will the training be delivered by your RTO or another training organisation? 

Sometimes you will enrol with one college however, your training will be delivered by a contractor.  You need to research and be aware who is ‘actually’ going to be training and assessing you.

From here you can go on to ask about course cost, payment options, duration etc. It is essential to establish that the RTO is delivering the correct training before enrolling. 

Are they reputable? 

We would also strongly suggest you speak with others who have attended the college if possible, to learn more about their training experience. We would also recommend you check reviews online and on social media such as Google reviews, Facebook and True Local. Keep in mind that online reviews are not 100% reliable as it often offers only one side of the story.

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Written by Anne-Marie Cahill (RTO Manager) & Mikayla Whitehead (Marketing & Administration)