Employment Workshop

Adept Training is committed to providing our students with the skills and attributes necessary to become job ready.
We know that for many of our students “getting a job” is easier said than done. It’s a mine field of information; with many do’s and don’ts and many job seekers don’t know where to start.
Our employment workshop has been developed with our students in mind and will provide you with valuable information on the following;


  • How and where to look for a job
  • What to wear for your interview
  • How to create a cover letter for a potential employer
  • How to respond to questions at an interview

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions that specifically relate to you; how can you put your best foot forward?

If you have a resume we recommend that you bring a paper copy with you or your own laptop device with a soft copy is even better. 

FREE for current students - $20 for non-Adept students