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Meet our new Mental Health trainer: Emma Burton

Emma is the newest addition to the Adept Training staff, she trains our Certificate IV in Mental Health which runs every Friday at our training centre in Harris Park.

We sat down and asked Emma some questions so that our current and prospective students could get to know her.

What made you interested in working in mental health?

I was always interested in Psychology and the way the human mind works and found I was naturally drawn to the community sector and mental health. 

Particularly, I was interested in learning more about reducing the stigma and misconceptions that still exist in society about mental health.  I always wanted to help people realise their own strengths and resilience and to empower individuals to be the best they can be despite their struggles. 


What area of mental health are you currently working in?

Currently I work in a child protection setting where I coordinate and provide training and support to parents and children on different aspects of their wellbeing and functioning including understanding mental health, understanding and responding to trauma, emotional regulation, positive coping skills and self-care, among other things. 

How did you start your career? What courses did you study?

I began my career after volunteering for a program that aimed at reducing social isolation for adults living with mental health issues. I was lucky enough to have been offered a job as an area coordinator for the same program and stayed in this role for 12 months before moving into a new role in the same program as a project officer organising social activities and support in the community for the consumers we had on our waiting list. After 2 years in this role I then moved into a case management role in early intervention Mental Health working and supporting children 0-9 years old living with or at risk of developing mental health issues. 

Throughout my career I have continued to develop my skills and knowledge through tertiary education and have completed my:

  • Certificate IV Mental Health.
  • Diploma Community Services, Diploma Case management.
  • Associates degree in Social Science.
  • Currently completing my degree in Community Services.

I have also continued to take on opportunities of professional development by doing short courses including Trauma Informed Care, Child Protection Dynamics and Mental Health First Aid. 

Has the industry changed much since you started?

I would say the Community sector is forever changing as this is the nature of this industry. There are always changes to funding and many programs come and go because of this. There are always changes within the mental Health sector and as such, programs/organisations will adopt new initiatives and ways of working to better suit the needs of the community and adapt to the changes that occur. In many ways it’s important for the sector to continue changing as it means that those who work in the field are continuing to meet the needs of those we support in the best way possible. 

What is your advice to anyone starting their career in mental health?

Remember the importance of self-care. You will not be able to support others if you are not taking time to support yourself. 

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?

 I love spending time outdoors, eating great food, travelling and spending time with loved ones. 

What do you feel is your best achievement?

Becoming a Lifeline Crisis Supporter- this is something I always wanted to do and remains the most challenging yet rewarding thing I've ever been part of. 

What is something on your bucket list?

To swim with Whale Sharks in Perth 

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

Costa Rica and South Africa 

Favourite colour?

Pink, yellow and Teal 

Favourite Movie?

Moulin Rouge, Inside Out and Peter Pan 

Written by Mikayla Whitehead (Marketing & Administration)