Venepuncture Refresher Course

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Do you need to brush up on your blood collection skills? The venepuncture refresher workshop is a short, non accredited course, designed to give you time to practice blood collection. The workshop is designed for: 

  • Individuals who have completed blood collection training but have not collected for some time.
  • Health professionals who require non accredited blood collection training. 

When enrolling in the course individuals will be required to provide the following information: 

  • Reason you wish to undertake the training. 
  • Any formal/ non formal blood collection training you have undertaken.
  • Last time you collected blood. 
  • If you are currently working in the health care industry and if so your job title. 

Based on this information our trainers will be able to ascertain what you require during the workshop. 

Workshop structure:

  • One on one theory with trainer for approximately 1hr; covering the fundamentals of infection control and risks in collection.  
  • You will then join in to a Pathology Collection class to undertake supervised blood collections. 
  • A certificate of attendance will be posted to you. Please note that this is not nationally recognised training.

The workshop fee is $200 and runs for approximately 2-3 hours. 

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