Non accredited training

COVID-19 Swab Testing

This online course will give you the ability to perform swabs for COVID-19. You will learn How to prepare the client for a swab Use infection control and PPE safely […]

Rapid Antigen Testing

This online course gives instruction on how to: Perform a Rapid Antigen Test Use a Point of Care test kit How to identify a positive result The correct infection control […]

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

This course covers the techniques for PRP You will learn: Benefits and therapeutic uses for PRP How to harvest platelet rich plasma Risks, risk control and infection prevention Venepuncture techniques […]

Midazolam Administration

This online learning module will give learner and understanding of Benzodiazepines and specifically the drug Midazolam, its intended use and how to safely give the drug to clients experiencing seizures. […]

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