Did you know that in Australia approximately 24,000 people are working in the pathology industry?  What are the career opportunities available to you?

In Australia, most collection centres require staff to hold HLT37215 Certificate III in Pathology Collection, once this is achieved there are many career opportunities available.

Collectors are trained to collect blood and other specimens such as urine, and swabs from wounds, which are then carefully labelled and sent to the laboratory for testing. They collect, process and report on 500 million pathology tests every year.  These tests assist the medical profession in diagnosing and determining the most effective treatments for patients. Collectors are usually the only pathology staff a patient will see; they are the face of the pathology industry.  Therefore, they must have empathy, great communication and customer service skills, in addition to well-developed collection skills and knowledge.

Courier Career Opportunities

Couriers are the people you see driving cars with logos of the main pathology collection companies.  They collect samples from collection centres and deliver them to laboratories for testing.

Laboratory Assistants Career Opportunities

Laboratory Assistants are trained to handle the different specimens correctly so accurate test results are achieved. They cross-check labels, carry out preliminary processing and sometimes divide specimens into smaller batches for various tests to be carried out.  Assistants direct the specimens to the appropriate areas of the laboratory for testing. The qualification that is beneficial for this role is HLT37415 Certificate III in Pathology Assistance.

Training Options

Both the HLT37215 Certificate III in Pathology Collection and the HLT37415 Certificate III in Pathology Assistance can be studied at Adept Training and there is Smart and Skilled funding available for both courses. (The NSW Government subsidises this training.)

Courses are scheduled either one day a week for 16 weeks or 2 days a week for 8 weeks, the Pathology Assistance training is completed in a laboratory so, you are experiencing a real work environment while training.

The exciting news is that if you study one of these qualifications, you only need to complete a few additional units of competency to gain the second qualification, doubling your career opportunities in this exciting industry.

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