Adept Training interviewed Serra, a graduate of our HLT47715 Certificate IV in Medical Practice Assisting course, to find out how she enjoyed her training and all about her new job as a Medical Practice Assistant.

Adept Training: Did you enjoy your training at Adept Training?

Serra: I loved it, that course is the best thing I ever did.

Adept Training: What aspects did you enjoy most?

Serra: I couldn’t believe that by day 2, I was actually collecting blood and it was so hands-on. Even the trainers were so informative, we would get through a Unit of Competency and by the end of it, I felt like I had absorbed so much information and felt confident. Thanks to my trainer Felicity and her expertise and skills, I still have her words in my head ‘anchor the vein’. I use this method all the time in my workplace when I take blood.

Adept Training: Where are you working?

Serra: I am currently working in the treatment room of a very busy medical centre and undertaking the afternoon shift

Adept Training: Do you use the skills and knowledge you learned in your course in your current role?

Serra; Daily.

Adept Training: Can you describe what the role of a Medical Practice Assistant entails and what you do each day in the role?

Serra: My duties involve:

  • Collecting blood
  • Changing dressings and or taking out stitches
  • Preparing medical equipment/tools for the Doctors to perform their procedures
  • Taking swabs other than blood collection
  • Taking Covid-19 swabs as I have trained for this skill
  • Assist with care plans and this was part of the Medical Practice Assisting course
  • I conduct ECGs

When it’s not busy in the Treatment Room I undertake medical administration procedures such as Medicare billing, our trainer Felicity taught us how to use the medical software, ‘Best Practice’ Everything I was taught at Adept Training, I have applied in my daily role and these duties relate specifically to the Units of Competency in this course

Adept Training: What is your favourite part of your job?

Serra:  I love working in the treatment room and being so ‘ hands-on’ in this role. I thank Adept Training for giving us the chance to practice so many varied practical skills during this course. Also, it gives me great pleasure when the Doctor calls me in to assist him, even if it’s just to hold a patient’s hand. Some patients come into the treatment room quite anxious and worried about testing. By just staying there with them, or holding their hand, they feel a sense of calmness and are reassured that all will be ok. Showing care and empathy is one of the reasons I wanted to move into the healthcare sector and so much satisfaction is gained when patients return and specifically request my assistance

Adept Training:  Do you have any further goals you wish to achieve?

Serra:  Absolutely!!  My next goal is to go back to Adept Training and complete a qualification for cannulation training. Our medical centre performs iron infusions on our patients when needed, and I’d love to be given the opportunity to do that. At the same time, it’s a further achievement to add to my CV as well. Another course I’m thinking of completing is the Drug and Alcohol training as well”.

Adept Training: Any final comments?

Serra:  I would just like to say that prior to receiving the Medical Practice Assisting qualification, I had applied for so many jobs but was unsuccessful. However, after receiving my qualification, I have found that the context of what I studied, has opened up so many opportunities, because of the amount of variety related in the Units of Competency. On a final note, I just want to say thank you to my trainer, Felicity and to all the staff at Adept Training because you are always available to take my calls and assist with my enquiries and I truly look forward to coming back and catching up with the staff and completing further study.

Adept Training:  We love hearing about how our training has helped students gain employment. We look forward to having you back in our cannulation and drug and alcohol courses.  Thanks, Serra for your time today.